Omega-3 fatty acids, essential for health What are fatty acids? Fatty acids are bioactive molecules what have a dual function in our body: they provide energy to act as regulators of vital metabolic processes. There are two types of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that are indispensable for the body’s metabolic processes: linoleic acid (LA) and […] READ

Go COCOnuts! MARNYS® Coconut oil is obtained from the flesh of the Cocos nucifera species. Coconut oil is a vegetable oil whose properties make it an essential ally in both food and cosmetics. Coconut oil has made a very important place for itself as a natural cosmetic. It is an ingredient widely used in beauty […] READ

Tea Tree 100% AUSTRALIAN, PURE AND NATURAL TOP QUALITY Recognised for its various properties, tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is one of the most used in traditional medicine. Tea Tree is an ingredient currently used in the production of cosmetic and dermatological products due to its skin-protective effects against infections. Australia’s most prized tree […] READ

Royal Jelly and Propolis. Natural care for the change of season Respiratory and immune systems are affected by temperature changes, especially during seasonal changes such as fall and throughout winter. During these seasons the main objective is to avoid complications and consequences (colds, flu, hospitalisations, collateral pathologies, etc.). It is therefore important to encourage adequate […] READ

Rosehip, Oil of Youth Rosehip Oil is known as the “Oil of Youth”, used for more than 2,000 years by different civilisations seeking its medicinal and cosmetic actions to moisturise, heal wounds and treat various skin alterations. What is Rosehip Oil? Rosehip is a wild shrub native to Eastern Europe, but widely spread throughout the […] READ

Natural invigorating products for a more active life To perform at work, keep up with daily concerns, enjoy spare time with the family, friends and partner… Our day-to-day life is very demanding, and we often need extra energy, to break free from stress, depression or low sexual desire and to feel capable of physically performing […] READ

L-CARNITINE: FAT BURNER AND FOOD FOR YOUR MUSCLES L-Carnitine is considered one of the most effective nutritional ingredients for weight reduction programmes, athletes who need to recover effectively after exercise and in male subfertility for health sperm. L-Carnitine is a very small molecule, soluble in water, which intervenes in the natural process of generating heat, […] READ

What are Essential Oils? Essential Oils are dermo-cosmetics substances that have been especially formulated to restore skin health and to protect against the many stresses of contemporary life and natural skin ageing. Their active ingredients effectiveness has been established through rigorous laboratory testing. Essential Oils and their countless properties enter and spread throughout your body, […] READ

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF NATURAL QUALITY AND INNOVATION THANK YOU FOR JOINING US ON THIS JOURNEY #NATURALQUALITY SINCE 1968 The year 2018 marks the celebration of our 50th anniversary. Half a century has passed since we founded our first factory in 1968. Since then, we have followed an upward trajectory to become the leader of […] READ