Martinez Nieto, S.A. (from now on,considers as a basic target to guarantee the privacy and the confidentiality of the personal data of our users obtained through any system that allow their transmission. declare the pledge of fulfil the legislation applicable in each time, nowadays, the Spanish “ Organic Law 15/1999, December 13th”, of Protection of Personal Character Data.

The personal data you provide voluntarily will be included in our automated file in accordance with the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data. The registration code number assigned to the file by the General Data Protection Registry is 2092870536.

1.- .- What are Personal Data?

In the definition of Personal Data (hereinafter “personal data”), is included any information concerning physical people identified or identifiable. It includes, basically and more: Identifying character data (from now on “identifying data”): Name and Surname, address and e-mail, identification number… Other data (from now on “non-identifying data”): Birthday, age, sex, nationality, likings, profession…The first, the identifying data, are always personal character because they allow to identify a user as only one. But, what happens with the non-identifying data?

2.- Are the non-identifying data really personal data?

  • They are not personal data: when they are not asked jointly with any identifying data (name and surname, address, e-mail…) Age or sex data, asked in a isolated way, do not allow identify an individual user.These data do allow to create something called aggregate profiles. For example: 35% of’s web users are men,…
  • They are personal data: when the non-identifying data, like sex, age… are asked jointly with identifying data, become into personal data, and because of this, they’ll be under the same legal considerations.

3.- Why does ask for data?

As a basic principle, asks for data because:

  • They are needed for the store’s good working and for sending orders.
  • It allows to fit and to improve marnys-ksa site depending on the profile (sex, age) of our visitors.
  • It also allows to establish a relationship with an user depending on his request, so, if you want to receive a particular bulletin, we ask your e-mail in order to be able to send it to you.

This request is always done with the purpose of giving the best service. Personal data will only remain in our files as long as the user wants it. Besides, when the personal data are only used to enter in, for example, a draw that we´ll start, these data will be cancelled immediately after the fulfilment of the event, because the reason for what we get the data is over.

In this respect, if the data that we receive are only to enter in a draw, we won’t use them to send information non requested.

4.- Are the Personal Character Data being communicated or sold to others companies?

By no means users’ Personal Data are disclosed and are therefore solely and exclusively used by

5.- Access, rectification and cancellation rights

We recognize the access, cancellation, rectification and opposition rights to our users through the e-mail

Once we receive the request, will notify you its decision in period established in the applicable law in each time.

6.-Use of cookies may use “cookies” when the user navigate any of Marnys’s webs. A “cookie” can be defined as a text file that holds user information saved in your hard disk by a web site. reserves the authority of using its “cookies” to achieve a greater effectiveness and efficiency of the on-line services given to the users.

The advantages that the acceptance of our “cookies” convey are a time saving because the user will not have to verify the register process repeteadly. The additional advantage provided by “cookies” is that they allow us to follow and delimit your interests in order to make your visit to our web site doesn’t assume any responsibility concerning “cookies” that third party´s outside from our service may install in the hard disk of your computer.

7.- Security measures guarantees the adoption of technical and organizational measures that are needed to vouch for the security of Personal Character Data and avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, bearing the state of the technology, the nature of the saved data and the risks that are exposed in mind, coming from the human action or physical or natural environment, the user is conscious that the security measures in Internet aren’t unyielding.

8.- Do you still have doubts?

Please inform us about any any doubt, question or comment that you may have with reference to the present Data Protection Policy by sending a message either by e-mail to or by postal mail to MARNYS – Martínez Nieto, S.A., Av. del Carbono, 96, Pol. Ind. Los Camachos, 30369, Los Camachos / Cartagena (SPAIN)

In addition, to know more about “ Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 from December 13th, about Personal Character Data Protection, you can read all of its expansion entering in the Data Protection Agency’s web