Essential Oils Uses – What are Beauty of these Oils?

Essential Oils are dermo-cosmetics substances that have been especially formulated to restore skin health and to protect against the many stresses of contemporary life and natural skin ageing. Their active ingredients effectiveness has been established through rigorous laboratory testing.

Essential Oils and their countless properties enter and spread throughout your body, bringing wellness and acting like a blessing for your skin and hair careneeds.

How do Essential Beauty Oils work?

Essential Oils’s specific chemical structure allows them to provide in-depth action on the skin. They do not only moisturise and nourish the skin, but also tone, refresh and act as astringent, purifying, conditioning and natural antibacterial substances.

  • Natural anti aging
  • Restore skin health
  • Protect skin against stresses of contemporary life
  • Strengthens natural skin barrier
  • Contribute to improve wrinkles and striae appearance

essential oils lemon benefits on SkinEssentially Beautiful

How to use MARNYS® Natrual Oils in your Beauty Routine

Do not apply undiluted MARNYS® Essential Oils directly on your skin or hair.

Essential Oils are powerful natural substances and are not meant to be applied directly in your skin or hair. Instead, they should be diluted in a carrier oil such us MARNYS® 100% pure and vegetable oils, such as JojobaArgan or Rosehip Oils. Not sure how to start?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

MARNYS® ESSENTIAL BEAUTY OILS - essential oils lemon benefits


How do Beauty Oils work?

MARNYS® only uses 100% chemotyped Essential Oils

The chemotype is the perfectly defined qualitative and quantitative chemical composition of the Essential Oil components. When these Oils are chemotyped it means that they have a defined composition, are 100% pure and of natural origin, and are not denatured or mixed with other oils. They are obtained from plants to guarantee raw materials with a defined biochemical composition.

100% Pure and natural, botanically and biochemically defined
0% Parabens ✓ No artificial colours ✓ No synthetic perfumes
No mineral oils/Paraffin ✓ No polyethylene glycol (PEG)
Recyclable packaging
0% ingredients of animal origin

Cosmetic Essential Oils