What is Propolis Cap and Why You Should Start Taking it? Jars of honey are made by bees and that’s known by most people. But have you ever thought of something other than honey that bees can produce? Right, there is another compound that bees make aside from honey and that is Propolis. It is a greenish-brown and sticky product that is used as the bees’ coat when building their hives.

Going back to the years of ancient civilization, Propolis is used for medicinal purposes. Greeks use Propolis when they need to treat abscesses, Egyptians use Propolis for embalming mummies, and Assyrians use Propolis for treating wounds as well as tumors because they believe that Propolis help to fight and stop the infection and make the healing process faster.

Why take Propolis?

There are numbers of researches that show Propolis has a lot of benefits to a human body. Here are the following benefits and advantages of taking Propolis.

  • Antioxidant protection – it is already proven that Propolis gives antioxidant support and protection to the body of humans through their cells.
  • General wellbeing – given the fact that Propolis provides powerful antioxidant and immune benefits to human bodies, it also supports the body to maintain its wellness and wellbeing.
  • Immune support – Propolis also support and gives benefits to the immune system of human bodies and balance it to function normally. Furthermore, Propolis is a great supplement in the winter season and great for recovering from an illness caused by the winter season.

Advantages of Propolis

Surely, Propolis provides a lot of benefits and plays a huge role to maintain good wellbeing. Here are the lists of advantages of taking Propolis. It can be used as: antioxidant, antibacterial, anticancer, antitumoral, natural antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. As you can see there are lots of benefits Propolis can provide and you can clearly see that it is healthy to take it if you want to detoxify your body and take every toxin living in it.

How to use Propolis?

To make sure that you are getting a high amount of Propolis, getting those at MARNYS® would help. Propolis can be in a liquid, capsule, and topical form. But at MARNYS®, we sellPropolis products in capsule form that also comes with Echinacea, which is also known as purple coneflower – and one of the world’s famous herbs. It is known for treating different ailments such as flu, common cold, migraines, inflammation, pain, etc. This famous herb is surely high in antioxidants including Rosmarinus acid, flavonoids, and citric acid.

Putting Propolis and Echinacea combined together, surely, you will have a good function of the immune system and will protect you from any types of ailments. Everybody wants to have a healthy body and a good function of every system in the body, so start taking Propolis capsules and get yours at a trusted company like MARNYS®. To order get in touch because there is nothing more precious than your health.

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